Exit mould

Over time my computer has become a repository for a lot of miss placed ideas. Like mould, these scraps of ideas have leached from one folder to another – finally settling down to a dark quiet spot where I will never think to give them a second look. I think it was my mother who told me that mould doesn’t particularly like the light of day. And with that in mind I’ve decided to open the curtains and shed light on some of the things I have worked on – both personally and professionally.

Photography has always been a bit of a passion of mine. The downside of being a designer is seeing the amazing portfolios from many of New Zealand photographers and feeling somewhat deflated. But my love of photography isn’t so much in the result but partly in the process. I few years ago I acquired a 1970s twinlens camera which uses medium format film. The thing about film is that it’s pretty unforgiving in that every shot is permanent and it cost money. The monetary cost of making a mistake isn’t huge, but the risk of compromising or even losing a shot to a lack of experience is what makes the experience of using film feel alive. I find a bit of serendipity is healthy for any creative process. And yes, I do make loads of mistakes.

Here are a few shots from the Twinlens I have taken from different places and time. More to come as I continue to find them.

caravan DollyWorld DollyWorldOwner berlinbike

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